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1 System

for your entire workflow

1 system for your entire workflow

Switching between different systems for calculating your kilometers, client registration, quotes, scheduling and billing is history. With TourExpert, you can optimize your entire workflow within one system.

That saves a lot of input and processing time and saves you money immediately. 

Geen aanschafkosten


purchase costs

No purchase costs

What's nice about TourExpert is that there are no purchasing costs, but you pay subscription fees. Besides that, the yearly fee depends on the number of buses.

That makes TourExpert suitable for every coach company. Whether you have just two or 200 buses, TourExpert is suitable for everyone.

Tourincarbranche gericht



Industry Focused

TourExpert is developed exclusively for the bus and coach industry, and was created with the help of information received directly from the industry.

This makes TourExpert not just another new software programme, but software that actually meets the needs and demands that the bus and coach industry requires from software for the office.


Trip processing

CoNform collective agreements

Trip processing is in accordance with collective agreements

In the interests of both your organisation and the driver and passenger, trip processing is handled within the bus abd coach industry according to collective agreements.

TourExpert is set up in such a way that the programme can take into account the applicable collective agreements. In that way, the hours worked, fees, and expenses of all your drivers will always be calculated according to the collective agreements.

Gebouwd voor de toekomst



Solid and ready for the future

To keep up with new innovations in the bus and coach industry, we have created a solid platform to give added momentum to this specific industry.
A diverse group of enthusiastic people are working daily on developing TourExpert, because we want TourExpert to continue to take you further. 

Research has shown that many coach companies are looking for one system that can contribute to the optimisation of their processes in the office. Software that takes you further, beyond the walls of the office.

That is way we have developed TourExpert exclusively for the bus and coach industry. TourExpert provides all the functionalities to ease the daily work at the office and to perform optimally. From providing quotes, confirming orders, scheduling drivers and coaches, to billing and management reports.

Greater convenience, higher efficiency, and lower costs. That's TourExpert.



What makes TourExpert unique?


Customer relationships

Work on your customer relationships with a very complete CRM system. Everything about your customer easily at hand; from anniversaries to quotes and feedback, to invoices.



Work processes are efficiently supported and automated where necessary, providing structure and insight into your own organisation. Improve your success rate with the quote tracking system. Accurate guarantee, monitoring, and completion of your workflow.



Communicate with your customers in your own corporate identity. Whether it is about a day trip or a complete tour with or without reservations/overnight accommodations, or a schedule for your school transport or corporate shuttle.


We're working to create a complete landscape for the bus ans coach industry with the development of TourExpert, in which TourExpert is the director. In this landscape, all the concerned parties, including the office staff, the driver, and the passenger, are all represented.

Roadcaster is the multimedia solution in the coach within this landscape. This infotainment system offers films, television series, and internet, all available for viewing on your own smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Every passenger can choose their own content and watch, pause, and stop it whenever they want. This way they create their own multimedia experience. The content is offered in an offline mode, which requires no additional data usage.

For more information about Roadcaster please contact Danny Kerkvliet, Key Account Manager Openmatcs: or +31 6 45 66 38 16. He can tell you all about Roadcaster and its features. Or visit


Roadcaster was created by a collaboration between:


TourExpert in the office

TourExpert is software for in the office and delivers immediate cost savings through the ability to work more efficiently. It gives you more time for your customer. Use TourExpert as a platform to communicate from the office with multiple channels. For example, in clarifying communication with your drivers, so that they can focus better on their role as host(ess). 

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